Emirati singer and songwriter Alira has released his first single, Take Flight, from his self-titled album, Alira.

The pop song, Take Flight, is Alira’s original composition inspired by Expo 2020 Dubai. It showcases his unique, modern Emirati pop music mixed with his rare musical talent: singing in countertenor while hitting high ranges of up to six vocal octaves. 

Born and raised in Dubai, Alira developed his love for global music at a young age, with the influences of different musical styles from around the world. His eclectic taste in music includes genres like pop, jazz, blues, ballads, rock, country music and classical music. 

Take Flight is available on Spotify, iTunes, Deezer, Amazon Music and Anghami. Watch Alira’s lyrics video here:

Talking about the inspiration behind Take Flight, Alira said he was “looking to create an upbeat song that people can dance, vibe and have a good time with”.

“I have written various kind of ballad songs but I wanted to create a song in the pop and dance genre,” Alira said. Working closely with writer-producer Wayne Wilkins on the project, it took Alira a week to write the song. 

Due to the pandemic, interactions with his music team were limited to Zoom calls “where we would potentially come up with a possible melody line for the song”.

His favourite line from the song? “’Look at me baby don’t look down, and we’ll finally fly away’ is my favourite line in the song because the song revolves around two lovers and this line is very intimate and talks about boundless love,” Alira said.

What is next for Alira after releasing his single? A performance at Expo 2020 Dubai is in the works, with guestings and collaborations with international artists.

His message to fans? “I will surely take them through my life’s journey and experience the story that lies behind every song I have written,” Alira said.

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